By Jamie Poole
11 January
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We will be offering a part refund for our Youth Player Subscription fees for the remainder of the 2020/21 season.

It’s no secret that the 2020/21 season has had it’s share of Covid-19 related interruptions which have prevented play and is likely to continue for the remaining part of the season. As a result the club have made a decision to offer a part refund on our Youth Player Subscription fees.

We have set out below two ways in which this can be achieved along with a third option, which will involve doing nothing at all, where the remaining payments or not requesting a refund will mean that the club will retain the funds as a donation in order to help us through this ever challenging time and help us prepare for the 2021/22 season.

1. For those of you that are paying your player subscriptions by direct debit via our website, can simply stop the direct debit and the reoccurring payment with their bank.

2. For those of you that have paid your player subscription upfront and in full, for us to action a part refund we are asking that you email us no later than Monday 25th January 2021 with the following information to

• Player’s Name
• Player’s Age Group (eg. U10)
• Managers Name
• Bank Account Holder’s Name (As it appears on your bank statement)
• Bank Sort Code
• Bank Account No

The refund process may take a few days to process from the deadline date above, once all the information supplied to us has been checked against our records, so please bear with us.

3. Do nothing at all, your payments will continue and/or you will not receive a part refund. Any future payments will be accepted gratefully as a form of donation to help support the club.

Thank you for your ongoing support, particularly throughout the last 12 months!

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